So the book club has hit a bit of a snag... I was without internet for a few weeks and without power for four days so I was unable to post to this blog.  However, I hope you kept reading the book!  I finished it yesterday... quite an interesting end!

I hope to inspire you to answer three questions:
1. Could you imagine this book being written entirely about the past (i.e., about the Fang performances and Child A and B?) or entirely about the present (with little to no mention of specific Fang performances?)

2. Have you ever witnessed an event that you would consider to be a Fang performance? 

3. Do you have a favorite quote from the book?  (There were many good ones!!)

Lastly, a poll to determine how much you enjoyed this book!  Feel free to add any comments (positive or negative) about the book!
Hi all!
I hope you had a great first week of June!  The weather here has been... unexpected.  We are all a little restless.  But, as it is raining outside, maybe everyone has taken the time to start reading our June book!

Take the time to post any initial thoughts you have on the book!
Did you enjoy it?  Do you dislike it?
Did you laugh/cry/wonder/roll your eyes?
How does the cover make you feel?

Some topics to think about and/or discuss!
How does the cover portray the quirkiness of this family?
Who is more relatable, Annie or Buster (or are they completely unrelatable to you?)
Did you read the quotes at the beginning of the book?  If so, how do these quotes prepare you for this book?  What did you expect would follow?  Did the first chapter meet your expectations?

You can post your favorite quote so far, too!  So many things to write about!  So much excitement!

On pace to finish at the end of June: 84 pages completed
Vote so we know how much to divulge! 

Much love,