Hi all!

The June book has been announced!  We will be reading The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  This book is quirky, humorous, contemporary fiction related to family dynamics and passion for art.  You can visit our Book List to find the book at your local library or purchase the book.  Since this is our first book in the book club, things may be shaky and uncertain - don't panic!  Check back here or give JD a call if you feel lost!

Note: All announcements will be posted in this color to be distinguished from the discussion posts.

Things to do in the month of June:
1. Read The Family Fang!
2. Visit the Discussions Page every week to take a poll and post your thoughts of the book so far!
3. Keep an eye out on this site, Facebook, or email for the Book Club meeting date!
4. Vote here if you want input on what we read!

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